Spa Body Treatments

Exfoliating Body Scrubs

During the course of a massage we will gently scrub you down with fine salt combined with essentials oils. This will exfoliate your skin, stimulate circulation and relax your mind. Our scrubs are fresh, natural and all hand made.
45m $65 | 60m $90 | 75m $105 | 90m $120

Hot Stone Massage

Stone therapy massage is a complex and synchronized treatment that incorporates hot stones with Swedish massage techniques to re-energize and stimulate the muscles.
75m $105 | 90m $120

Body Wraps

Warm, organic mud or hydrating balm is applied to your entire body. A soothing head and/ or foot massage is performed as you rest in a cocoon of warmth. This treatment does include some massage and the amount of massage time available to you is dependent on the length of the treatment time allotted.
45m $70 | 60m $95 | 75m $105 | 90m $120 | Add a body scrub to any wrap for $10

Indy Scalp Massage

A specialized massage that focuses on the head, scalp, neck and shoulders. This massage will begin at the shoulders, continues around your neck and finishes at the scalp, hair and forehead. Warm soothing coconut oil will be intermittently poured on your head and massaged into your scalp. This form of massage is ideal for people with stress, insomnia and migraines.
30m | $55

Andari Leg Rejuvenation

Take time to enjoy the ultimate in instant relief for legs and feet from the effects of travel and too much standing. This luxurious service includes a warm herbal bath followed by an expert foot and leg massage, which may reduce swelling and discomfort and improve circulation. It will leave you walking on a cloud.
75m | $80


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